Fixtures & Results

Fixtures and results for the 2021/22 season:

Wednesday 25th May
Reserves v Hanover Res

Tuesday 24th May
Firsts v Ballymacash Rangers

Friday 20th May
Under 15s v Banbridge Town Juniors

Thursday 19th May
Swifts 2-6 Caledon Rovers Res – Chris Agnew, Niall McBride

Tuesday 17th May
Reserves 2-4 (AET) Bourneview Mill Res – Simon Freeburn, Ashley Gregg

Saturday 14th May
Firsts P-P Ballymacash Rangers
Under 19s 3-3 (4-3 Pens) St Mary’s – Adam Vennard, Ronan Watkins, David McNally
Under 15s 1-0 TTBS Juniors – Jamie Trainor

Friday 13th May
Reserves 5-5 Annagh Utd Res – Niall McBride, Jaime Gardiner, Adam Scorah, Alex Woods, Andrew Houston 

Wednesday 11th May
Under 16s 4-6 Ardstraw Youth – Noah Gorman, Tom Mawhinney, Lorcan Doherty, Caleb Lyle

Tuesday 10th May
Reserves 4-0 Banbridge Town Reserves – Niall McBride x3, Peter Millen
Under 15s 5-3 Lurgan Celtic – Jamie Trainor, Charlie Gorman, Jack Conlon, Alex Dillon, Eoin Thornbury

Saturday 7th May
Under 17s 3-1 Enniskillen Rangers – Krissy Cassells, Liam Campbell, Daniel Patterson
Under 15s 5-0 Riverdale – Jack Conlon x3, Adam McCann Gibbs, Eoin Thornbury

Wednesday 4th May
Under 17s
1-4 Craigavon City – Eoghan McMahon
Under 14s 3-4 Craigavon City – Corey Hylands x2, Ross Emerson
Under 13s 0-3 Armagh City

Saturday 30th April
Reserves 2-0 Lurgan BBOB Res – Niall McBride, Matthew Johnston
Under 19s 0-3 TTBS
Under 16s 2-1 Annagh Utd Youth – Joey MacDonald, Noah Gorman
Under 15 Preds 1-4 Lurgan Celtic – Caleb King

Friday 29th April
Under 15s 4-1 Tandragee Rovers Res – Eoin Thornbury, Jack Conlon, Alex Dillon, Lewis Sloane

Wednesday 27th April
Reserves 0-5 Ballymacash Rangers Res
Under 15s 3-0 Dromore Amateurs – Town Awarded Win

Saturday 23rd April
Firsts 5-2 FC Mindwell – Ashley Gregg x2, Morgan Smyth, Jaime Gardiner, Andrew Houston
Swifts 4-1 Laurelvale Res – Callum Watkins x2, Adam Scorah, Spencer Young
Under 19s 1-1 (5-4 Pens) – David McNally
Under 17s 1-2 Newcastle – Eoghan McM
Under 16s 1-0 Cookstown Youth – Joey Macdonald
Under 15s 5-1 Tullyvallen – Adam McCann Gibbs, Jamie McAlinden, Jamie Trainor, Oskar Dobrowolski, Charlie Gorman
Under 14s 0-0 (3-5 Pens) Riverdale Youth
Under 13s 3-0 Riverdale Youth – Alfie Given, Seth Martin, Austen Gault

Friday 22nd April
Under 13s Preds 5-0 Annagh Utd – Alfie Overend, Archie White, Tyler Herron, Jenson Ardis, Ben McKeown 

Saturday 16th April
Reserves 3-7 Rathfriland Rangers Res – Simon Freeburn x2, Timmy Millen

Wednesday 13th April
Under 15s 5-1 Rathfriland Youth – Carlie Gorman, Alex Dillon, Jamie McAlinden, Lewis Sloane, Oskar Dobrowolski

Tuesday 12th April
Under 17s 4-1 Annagh Utd Youth – Ryan Lee Brown x2, Liam Campbell, Calum Carson

Saturday 9th April
Firsts 1-3 Dromore Amateurs – Jay McPolin
Reserves P-P Banbridge Town Res
Under 17s 4-2 Midway FC – Ryan Lee Brown x3, Caoloan Ritchie
Under 16s 6-1 Annagh Utd Youth – Noah Gorman x2, Caleb Lyle x2, Lorcan Doherty, Joey Macdonald
Under 15s 7-1 Windmill Stars – Alex Dillon x2, Charlie Gorman, Lewis Sloane, Owen Mercer, Jamie McAlinden, Jack Conlon
Under 15 Preds
2-4 Banbridge Town Juniors – Caleb King, Jamie Follis
Under 14s 4-1 Armagh City – Corey Hylands x3, Ben Wells
Under 14 Preds
0-5 Banbridge Rangers 
Under 13s
2-2 Ambassadors – Isaac Balfour, Joshua Quin
Under 13s Preds
5-0 Banbridge Rangers – Jamie Russell x2, Tyler Herron, Archie White, Ryan Addis

Saturday 2nd April
Swifts 3-4 Ambassadors Res – Callum Watkins, Andrew Houston, Lewis McKinley
Under 19s 2-0 Lurgan BBOB – Spencer Young x2
Under 17s 3-0 Banbridge Rangers Swifts – Ryan Lee Brown, Eoghan McMahon, Aaron Buck
Under 16s2-2 Ambassadors – Lorcan Doherty, Caleb Lyle
Under 15s 4-0 Castlecaulfield Youth – Charlie Gorman x2, Alex Dillon, Jack Conlon
Under 15s Preds 6-1 Hanover Youth – Caleb King x2, Max Gough, Charlie Foster, Jamie Follis, Matthew Chapman
Under 14s 3-1
Banbridge Rangers – Jude Rea, Ben Wells, Elias O’Neil
Under 13s Preds
1-5 Armagh City – Alfie Overend

Friday 1st April
Reserves 1-2 Ballymacash Rangers Res – Matt Irvine
Under 14 Preds 0-7 Annagh Utd Youth 
Under 13s 4-3 Rathfriland Youth – Michael Emerson x2, Isaac Balfour, Austen Gault

Saturday 26th March
1-0 Tullyvallen – Timmy Millen
Reserves 3-3 (2-4 Pens) Dungannon Tigers Res – Davy Trainor x2, Own Goal
Under 19s 5-0 Banbridge Town Youth – Ronan Watkins x2, Spencer Young x2, Mark Christie
Under 17s 3-2 Warrenpoint Town – Eoghan McMahon, Caolan Ritchie, Daniel Patterson
Under 15s 5-0 Castlecaulfield Youth – Lewis Sloane x3, Kamil Krol, Adam McCann-Gibbs 
Under 15s Preds 2-3 Enniskillen Rangers – Max Gough, Charlie Foster
Under 14 Preds
0-8 Lurgan Celtic
Under 13s 3-1 Portadown FC – Lewis Goodbarn x2, Austen Gault

Friday 25th March
Under 16s 1-0 St Marys YFC – Ryan Brown

Saturday 19th March
2-3 Seagoe – Ashley Gregg, Ziggy Gargasas
Reserves 0-3 Valley Rangers Res
Under 19s 3-3 (8-9 Pens) TTBS – Ronan Watkins, Spencer Young, Kane McMahon
Under 17s 4-0 Ballyvea – Eoghan McMahon x2, Ryan Lee Brown, Niall Simpson
Under 15s Preds 3-3 Tandragee Rovers – Charlie Foster, Caleb King, Thomas Green
Under 14s 1-3 TTBS – Ben Wells
Under 14s Preds 1-2 Portadown Youth – Michael Robinson
Under 13s 2-1 Rathfriland Youth – Joshua Quinn x2
Under 13 Preds 3-3 Lurgan Celtic – Alfie Overend, Ben McKeown, Jenson Ardis

Friday 18th March
Under 15s
4-2 Armagh City – Jack Conlon x2, Adam McCann Gibbs, Charlie Gorman

Saturday 12th March
Reserves 10-0 Moneyslane Res – Matt Irvine x3, Timmy Millen x3, Alex Woods, Adam Scorah, Niall McBride, Josh Milne
Swifts 9-2 Lower Maze Res – Andrew Houston x4, Callum Watkins x2, Ashley Gregg, Spencer Young, Matthew Johnston
Under 19s 8-0 Markethill Swifts – Luke Kerr x2, Spencer Young x2, Ronan Watkins, Kane McMahon, Kristian Cassells, Lucas Gregson 
Under 17s P-P Ballyvea
Under 16s 0-4 Cookstown Youth
Under 15s P-P Armagh City
Under 14s Preds P-P Portadown Youth
Under 13s 3-1 Portadown Youth – Austen Gault x2, Alfie Given
Under 13 Preds 3-2 (AET) TTBS – Archie White x2, Ryan Addis

Friday 11th March
Under 15s Preds
0-3 Cookstown Youth
Under 14s 3-1 Annagh Utd – Corey Hylands x2, Matthew Little

Saturday 5th March
Reserves 2-5 Dollingstown Res – Jaime Gardiner, Davy Trainor
Swifts P-P Lower Maze
Under 19s 0-6 St Marys
Under 16s 2-2 Oxford Sunnyside – Ryan Brown, Noah Gorman
Under 15s 4-0 Dunnaman – Alex Dillon x3, Adam McCann Gibbs
Under 15s Preds 1-6 Lurgan Celtic – Nathan Bradley
Under 14s
3-2 Banbridge Town Juniors – Ben Wells x3
Under 14s Preds
1-1 Ballybot Celtic – Noah Binks
Under 13s 3-0 Armagh City – Austen Gault, Jayden Harker, Michael Emerson

Friday 4th March
Under 17s 4-0 Brookvale – Daniel Patterson, Ryan Lee Brown, Liam Campbell, Ben Hendron

Wednesday 2nd March
Under 13s 4-1 Moira FC – Jayden Harker x2, Lewis Goodbarn, Joshua Quinn

Saturday 26th February
Firsts 0-2 Seapatrick
6-0 Moneyslane Res – Niall McBride x3, Matt Irvine, Simon Freeburn, Peter Millen
Swifts 1-2 Rathfriland Swifts – Chris Agnew
Under 19s 3-0 Tullyvallen – Luke Kerr, Jake Hegarty, Spencery Young
Under 17s 1-4 Newcastle – Jack Mullins
Under 16s 1-2 Valley Rangers – Joey Macdonald
Under 15s 2-2 Armagh City – Adam McCann Gibbs, Jamie Trainor
Under 15s Preds 0-3 TTBS
Under 14s
0-1 TTBS
Under 14s Preds
3-2 Craigavon City – Noah Binks, Max Kirkland, Zac Lyness
Under 13s 3-1 Dungannon Utd – Austen Gault, Michael Emerson, Jayden Harker
Under 13 Preds 3-1 Annagh Utd – Jamie Russell, Ben McKeown, Jenson Ardis

Saturday 19th February
Firsts 2-1 AFC Craigavon – Andrew Heaney, Jaime Gardiner
1-2 Tandragee Rovers Res – Simon Freeburn

Friday 18th February
Swifts 2-4 Valley Rangers Swifts – Peter Millen, Timmy Millen

Saturday 12th February
Firsts 1-1 Lower Maze – Andrew Heaney
1-1 Rathfriland Rangers Res – Niall McBride
Swifts 0-1 Glenavy Res
Under 19s 6-4 Tullyvallen – Luke Kerr x2, Ethan Gorman, Adam Vennard, Krissy Cassells, David McNally
Under 17s P-P Newcastle
Under 16s 2-4 Coleraine FC – Noah Gorman, Adam McCann Gibbs
Under 15s 8-0 Markethill Swifts – Adam McCann Gibbs x2, Alex Dillon, Reuben Johnston, Kamil Krol, Lewis Sloane, Charlie Gorman, Jack Conlon
Under 14s Preds
0-8 TTBS Juniors

Under 13s 2-0 Dunnaman – Austen Gault, Jayden Harker
Under 13 Preds 4-4 (3-1 Pens) – Ben McKeown x2, Archie White

Friday 11th February
Under 14s 0-4 Lurgan Celtic

Saturday 5th February
Firsts 2-1 St Marys – Ashley Gregg x2
1-0 Coagh Utd Res – Graham Bunting
Under 19s 5-3 Loughgall Youth – Mark Christie x2, Adam Vennard, Jake Hegarty, David McNally
Under 17s 0-1 Tollymore Bears
Under 16s 1-2 Cookstown Youth – Daryl Houston
Under 15s 3-1 Windmill Stars – Adam McCann Gibbs, Charlie Gorman, Eoin Thornbury
Under 15 Preds 2-2 Banbridge Rangers – Caleb King, Nathan Bradley
Under 13s 5-0 Castlecaulfield Youth – Michael Emerson x2, Austen Gault, Lewis Goodbarn, Warren Bogle
Under 13 Preds 0-1 Brookvale

Friday 4th February
Under 14s 4-0 Lurgan Town Preds – Elias O’Neil, Ben Wells, Austen Gault, Michael Emerson
Under 14s Preds 0-4 Lurgan Town

Saturday 29th January
Firsts 3-1 Ambassadors – Ashley Gregg x2, Jaime Gardiner
0-1 Dollingstown Res
Under 19s 2-2 Craigavon City – Ethan Gorman, Mark Christie
Under 17s 0-0 Dunnaman
Under 15 Preds 2-3 Annalong Youth – Max Gough, Jamie Follis
Under 14s 4-0 Annagh Utd Youth – Eran Loughran, Corey Hylands, Ben Wells, Austen Gault
Under 14 Preds P-P Mountjoy Utd
Under 13s 3-0 Banbridge Town Juniors – Austen Gault, Michael Emerson, Lewis Goodbarn
Under 13 Preds P-P Cookstown Youth

Friday 28th January
Under 16s 1-5 Annagh Utd – Joey Macdonald

Saturday 22nd January
Reserves P-P Hanover Res
Swifts 5-2 Caledon Rovers Res – Timmy Millen x2, Callum Watkins x2, Andrew Houston
Under 19s 4-1 Lurgan Celtic – Luke Kerr x2, Ethan Gorman, Ronan Watkins
Under 17s 4-2 Enniskillen Rangers – Ryan Lee Brown x2, Eoughan McMahon
Under 16s 1-3 Dungannon Colts – Darragh Mulligan
Under 15s 3-1 Cookstown Youth – Alex Dillon, Adam McCann-Gibbs, Charlie Gorman
Under 15 Preds 3-2 Tullyvallen Rangers – Caleb King, Jamie Follis, Max Gough
Under 14s 3-0 Dungannon Colts – Corey Hylands x2, Own Goal
Under 14 Preds 1-4 Ballyvea – Kody Watson
Under 13s 7-1 Ambassadors – Austen Gault x2, Michael Emerson, Seth Martin, Joshua Quinn, Lewis Goodbarn, Own Goal
Under 13 Preds 2-7 – Moira FC – Ben McKeown x2

Saturday 15th January
Firsts 8-2 Broomhedge Maghaberry – Ashley Gregg x2, Ziggy Gargasas x2, Timmy Millen, Morgan Smyth, Ethan Gorman
Reserves 3-1 St Marys Res – Niall McBride x2, Matt Irvine
Swifts 0-5 Hillsborough Boys Res
Under 19s 1-2 Fivemiletown – Luke Kerr
Under 17s 0-1 Craigavon City
Under 16s 1-4 Ardstraw – Brandon Higgins
Under 15s 1-1 TTBS – Alex Dillon
Under 15 Preds 1-2 Markethill Swifts – Charlie Foster
Under 14s 3-3 Banbridge Town Juniors – Elias O’Neil x2, Corey Hylands
Under 14 Preds 1-3 Annagh Utd – Klaudiusz Suchonski
Under 13s 3-0 TTBS – Michael Emerson, Isaac Bell, Austen Gault
Under 13 Preds 1-1 Dunnaman Youth – Ben McKeown

Saturday 8th January
Firsts P-P Seapatrick
Reserves P-P Ballymacash Rangers Res
Under 19s P-P Tullyvallen
Under 17s 0-1 Armagh City
Under 16s 6-0 Ambassadors – Broghan Campbell, BrandonHiggins
Under 15s 3-1 Banbridge Town – Jack Conlon x2, Adam McCann-Gibbs
Under 15 Preds 7-5 Lurgan Celtic – Nathan Bradley x2, Thomas Green x2, Max Gough x2, Caleb King
Under 14s 2-2 Loughgall Youth – Corey Hylands x2
Under 13s 1-2 Loughgall Youth – Joshua Quinn
Under 13 Preds 3-0 Moneyslane Youth – Daniel Roderick, Jamie Russell, Jenson Ardis

Friday 7th January
Under 14 Preds 0-5 Dungannon Colts

Saturday 18th December
Under 17s 2-3 Windmill Stars – Aidan Quinn, Caolan Ritchie
Under 15s 5-2 Hanover Youth – Max Gough x2, Caleb King, Thomas Green, Jamie Follis
Under 14s 3-2 Lurgan Celtic – Caleb Hawthorne, Jude Rea
Under 14 Preds 3-2 Banbridge Town Juniors – David Lawson, Noah Binks, Klaudiusz Suchonski
Under 13s 5-4 Craigavon City – Joshua Quinn, Michael Emerson, Austen Gault, Jayden Harker
Under 13 Preds 1-2 St Marys – Jamie Russell

Saturday 11th December
Firsts 1-1 Craigavon City – Ashley Gregg
Reserves 4-1 Valley Rangers Res – Niall McBride x2, Matt Irvine, Davy Trainor
Under 19s P-P Tullyvallen
Under 16s 3-2 Ards Rangers – Noah Gorman x2, Callum Uprichard
Under 15s 4-3 Riverdale – Jamie Trainor x2, Adam McCann-Gibbs, Noah Davison
Under 15 Preds 6-0 Portadown Youth – Caleb King x2, Max Gough, Aaron Kinkead, Ben Allen, Teddy Turkington
Under 14s 1-2 Mountjoy Juniors – Ben Wells
Under 14 Preds 0-5 TTBS Juniors
Under 13s 3-2 Tandragee Rovers – Austen Gault x3
Under 13 Preds 2-2 Hanover Youth – Ben McKeown, Daniel Roderick

Friday 10th December
Under 17s 4-3 Riverdale – Daniel Patterson x2, Ryan Lee Brown x2

Saturday 4th December
Firsts 1-2 Tullyvallen – Ashley Gregg
Reserves 2-3 Craigavon City Res – Niall McBride, Andrew Houston
Swifts 2-0 Tullyvallen Res – Callum Watkins, Lewis McKinley
Under 17s 1-4 Newcastle – Liam Campbell
Under 16s 4-2 Lurgan Celtic – Caleb Lyle x2, Lorcan Doherty, Dean Bradbury
Under 15s 4-2 Enniskillen Rangers – Noah Davison x2, Charlie Gorman, Eoin Thornbury
Under 15 Preds 7-0 Dromore Amateurs – Nathan Bradley x3, Jamie Follis x2, Caleb King x2, Max Gough x2
Under 14s 2-1 Ballyvea – Corey Hylands, Elias O’Neil
Under 14 Preds 1-8 Lurgan Celtic – Noah Binks
Under 13s 18-0 Banbridge Rangers – Austen Gault x5, Joshua Quinn x4, Will Cunningham x2, Lewis Goodbarn x2, Aflie Given, Seth Martin, Warren Bogle, Michael Emerson, Jayden Harker

Saturday 27th November
Firsts 4-0 Dromore Amateurs – Ashley Gregg x2, Tim Millen, Andrew Heaney
Reserves 1-1 Banbridge Town Res – Davy Trainor
Swifts 8-2 Rathfriland Res – Lewis McKinley, Callum Watkins
Under 19s 3-6 Craigavon City – Ethan Gorman x2, Noah Gorman

Saturday 20th November
Firsts 1-1 Dungannon Tigers – Ashley Gregg
Reserves 2-3 Tollymore Swifts – Alex Woods, Simon Freeburn
Swifts 3-4 Seapatrick Res – Lewis McKinley, Simon Wilson, Callum Watkins
Under 19s 5-1 Loughgall Youth – Ethan Gorman x3, Jake Hegarty x2
Under 16s 2-1 Shankill Juniors – Noah Gorman, Callum Uprichard
Under 15s 12-2 Dromore Amateurs – Alex Dillon x4, Adam McCann-Gibbs x3, Noah Davison, Oskar Dobrowolski x2, Harry Hutchinson
Under 14s 2-5 Aquinas – Corey Hylands x2
Under 14 Preds 0-5 Loughgall Youth
Under 13s 4-2 Ambassadors – Seth Martin, Joshua Quinn, Austen Gault, Michael Emerson
Under 13 Preds 8-2 Moneyslane – Ben McKeown x3, Daniel Roderick x2, Daniel Flederis x2, Harry Underwood

Friday 19th November
Under 17s 5-0 Midway FC – Daniel Patterson x3, Ben Hendron, Eoghan McMahon

Saturday 13th November
Firsts 4-0 Seapatrick – Ashley Gregg x2, Morgan Smyth, Ziggy Gargasas
Reserves 6-0 Armagh City Res – Alex Woods x2, Jay McPolin, Adam Scorah, Matthew Hagan
Swifts 4-3 Glenavy Res – Simon wilson x2, Lewis McKinley, Tom Leathem
Under 19s 4-3 St Mary’s – Luke Kerr z2, David McNally x2
Under 17s 2-3 Portavogie Rangers – Aidan Quinn, Ryan Lee Brown
Under 16s 3-2 Annagh Utd Youth – Rhys Creaney, Callum Uprichard, Brandon Higgins
Under 15 Preds 7-1 Hanover Youth – Jamie Follis x3, Thomas Green x2, Caleb King, Matthew Chapman 
Under 13s 1-6 Portadown FC – Austen Gault
Under 13 Preds 1-2 Portadown FC – Ben McKeown

Saturday 6th November
Firsts 3-5 Seagoe – Ashley Gregg, Tiarnan Judge, Ziggy Gargasas
Reserves 5-3 Ballyholland (AET)Matt Irvine x2, Graham Bunting, Alex Woods, Peter Millen
Swifts 5-5 Ambassadors Res – Callum Watkins x2, Adam Scorah, Adil Faila, Andrew Houston
Under 19s 0-1 Banbridge Town
Under 15s 6-2 Castlecaulfield – Noah Davison x5, Adam McCann-Gibbs
Under 14s 3-2 Dungannon Utd – Corey Hylands x2, Jude Rea
Under 13s 4-2 Moira FC – Austen Gault x3, Michael Emerson
Under 13 Preds 2-1 Hanover Youth – Jack Nelson, Harry Underwood

Friday 5th November
Under 16s
1-1 Lurgan Celtic – Ryan Brown
Under 14 Preds 1-3 Annagh Utd Youth – Max Kirkland

Saturday 30th October
Firsts 2-0 Dungannon Tigers – Ashley Gregg x2
Reserves 3-2 Hanover Res – Graham Bunting, Alex Woods, Johnny Hoey
Swifts 2-3 Lower Maze Res – Callum Watkins, Phil McKinley
Under 19s 4-0 Lurgan BBOB – Luke Kerr x2, Ronan Watkins x2
Under 17s 3-0 Ardstraw Youth – Town awarded win
Under 16s 6-2 Dungannon Youth Colts – Callum Uprichard x2, Charlie Minnis, Brandon Higgins, Noah Gorman, Lorcan Doherty
Under 15s 1-3 Dungoyne – Jamie Trainor
Under 15 Preds 2-2 Enniskillen Rangers – Thomas Green x2
Under 14s 3-0 Enniskillen Rangers – Town awarded win
Under 13s 0-2 Lurgan Celtic – Joshua Quinn, Lewis Goodbarn
Under 13 Preds 1-3 Dunnaman – Ben McKeown

Friday 29th October
Under 14 Preds 2-1 Armagh City – Eddie Connelly, David Lawson

Saturday 23rd October
Firsts 0-1 Ambassadors
Reserves 6-0 Ambassadors Res – Niall McBride x3, Adam Scorah, Peter Millen, Davy Trainor
Swifts 1-3 Hillsborough Boys Res – Lewis McKinley
Under 19s 7-3 Lurgan Celtic – Luke Kerr x2, Ronan Watkins x2, Cain McMahon x2,
Under 17s 2-0 Annagh Utd Preds – Daniel Patterson, Daniel Graham
Under 16s 3-0 St Marys – Caleb Lyle x2, Joey Macdonald
Under 15 Preds 0-4 Dungannon Utd Youth
Under 14s 5-1 Ballyvea – Ben Wells x3, Rhys McCreanor, Elias O’Neil
Under 14 Preds 3-0 Ambassadors – Town awarded win
Under 13s 6-2 Riverdale – Austen Gault x2, Archie Knott x2, Michael Emerson, Alfie Given
Under 13 Preds 3-4 Brookvale – Ben McKeown, Daniel Roderick, Alexander Wilson

Friday 22nd October
Under 15 5-3 Banbridge Rangers – Adam McCann-Gibbs x3, Alex Dillon, Eoin Thornbury

Saturday 16th October
Firsts 1-3 Dungiven Celtic – Tim Millen
Reserves 4-1 Bourneview Young Men Reserves – Simon Freeburn, Graham Bunting, Dan Raynor, Davy Trainor
Swifts 2-4 Valley Rangers Res – Callum Watkins, Simon Wilson
Under 19s 5-0 Markethill Swifts – Spencer Young x2, Ronan Watkins x2, David McNally
Under 17s 2-1 Riverdale – Ryan Lee Brown x2
Under 15s 9-0 Wellington Rec – Noah Davison x3, Alex Dillon x2, Adam McCann-Gibbs, Kamil Krol, Charlie Gorman
Under 14s 4-0 Craigavon City – Rhys McCreanor x3, Corey Hylands
Under 14 Preds 3-5 Tandragee Rovers – Noah Binks, David Lawson, Klaudiusz Suchonski
Under 13s 3-1 Markethill Swifts – Austen Gault, Michael Emerson, Owen Connolly
Under 13 Preds 0-9 Armagh City

Friday 15th October
Under 16s 0-3 Banbridge Town Juniors
Under 15 Preds 5-7 Dunnaman – Thomas Green x2, Caleb King, Jamie Follis, Max Gough

Saturday 9th October
Firsts 2-2 Tullyvallen – Dan Raynor, Tim Millen
Reserves 4-3 Woodvale IIs – Simon Freeburn, Niall McBride, Adam Scorah, Alex Woods
Swifts 1-4 Tullyvallen Res – Callum Watkins
Under 19s 1-5 Windmill Stars – Ronan Watkins
Under 17s 2-0 TTBS Juniors – Ryan Lee Brown, Nial Simpson
Under 15s 11-0 Annalong Rovers – Adam McCann-Gibbs x3, Oskar Dobrowolski x2, Alex Dillon x2, Noah Davison x2, Jaime Trainor, Own Goal
Under 14s 0-1 Riverdale
Under 13s 3-3 Loughgall Youth – Austen Gault x2, Jayden Harker
Under 13 Preds 6-0 Annagh Utd – Ben McKeown x2, Tyler Herron, Alexander Wilson, Jamie Wilson, Harry Underwood

Friday 8th October
Under 15 Preds 0-12 Armagh City

Saturday 2nd October
Firsts 7-1 Broomhedge Maghaberry – Adail Faila x2, Matt Irvine, Ziggy Gargasas, Josh Milne, Lucas Gregson, Own Goal
Reserves 3-0 Annagh Utd Res – Dan Raynor x2, Sean McNally
Swifts 3-4 Caledon Rovers Res – Spencer Young, Callum Watkins, Phil McKinley
Under 19s 2-0 Tullyvallen – Lucas Gregson, Luke Kerr
Under 15s 2-2 Banbridge Town Juniors – Noah Davison, Alex Dillon
Under 15 Preds 1-1 Windmill Stars – Caleb King
Under 14s 0-2 Mountjoy Juniors
Under 14 Preds 2-5 Dungannon Colts – Eddie Connolly, David Lawson
Under 13s 19-0 Dromore Amateurs – Jayden Harker x5, Joshua Quinn x4, Austen Gault x3, Jay Nicholson x2, Lewis Goodbard x2, Michael Emerson, Will Cunningham, Isaac Balfour
Under 13 Preds 1-9 Dungannon Utd – Ben McKeown

Friday 1st October
Under 17s 3-0 Loughgall Youth – Ryan Lee Brown x2, Eoghan McMahon

Saturday 25th September
Under 19s 3-4 St Marys – Luke Kerr x2, Spencer Young
Under 17s 13-0 Enniskillen Rangers – Ryan Lee Brown x5, Daniel Patterson x3, James Kelly x2, Daniel Graham, Nial Simpson, Alex Banks
Under 16s 2-0 Valley Rangers – Caleb Lyle x2
Under 15s 10-0 Tandragee Rovers – Adam McCann-Gibbs x3, Noah Davison x2, Lewis Sloane x2, Reuben Johnston, Charlie Gorman, Oskar Dobrowolski
Under 15 Preds 2-3 Lurgan Celtic – Caleb King, Charlie Foster
Under 14s 3-0 Portadown Youth – Ben Wells, Rhys McCreanor, Elias O’Neil
Under 14 Preds 1-6 Banbridge Rangers – Own Goal
Under 13 15-3 Craigavon City – Austen Gault x4, Lewis Goodbarn x3, Michael Emerson x2, Joshua Quinn x2, Seth Martin x2, Isaac Balfour, Patryk Jedrol
Under 13 Preds 0-6 Tandragee Rovers

Saturday 18th September
Firsts 1-4 Lower Maze – Andrew Heaney (Match abandoned after 64 minutes due to injury)
Reserves 3-0 AFC Craigavon Res – Niall McBride x2, Matt Irvine
Swifts 0-2 Laurelvale Res
Under 19s 2-1 Fivemiletown Utd – Lorcan Doherty, Jake Hegarty
Under 17s 1-3 Craigavon City – Daniel Patterson
Under 16s 2-1 Tandragee Rovers – Noah Gorman
Under 15s 6-0 TTBS Juniors – Eoin Thornbury, Jamie McAlinden, Jamie Trainor, Reuben Johnston, Kamil Krol, Adam McCann-Gibbs
Under 15 Preds 2-1 Tullyvallen Rangers – Aaron Kinkead, Teddy Turkington
Under 14s 3-0 TTBS Juniors – Town awarded win
Under 14 Preds 2-1 Banbridge Rangers – Zac Lyness, Klaudiusz Suchonski
Under 13 2-1 Cookstown Youth – Joshua Quinn, Jay Nicholson
Under 13 Preds 1-2 TTBS Juniors – Alexander Wilson

Saturday 11th September
Firsts 0-5 Banbridge Town
Reserves 2-1 Dollingstown Res – Niall McBride, Andrew Houston
Swifts P-P Valley Rangers Swifts
Under 19s 1-1 TTBS – Spencer Young
Under 16s 6-2 Rathfriland – Daryl Houston, Mahmoud Shheideh, Brogan Campbell, Brandon Higgins, Joey MacDonald, Noah Gorman
Under 15 Preds 3-7 Rathfriland – Charlie Foster x2, Ben Allen
Under 14s 7-2 Lurgan Celtic – Rhys McCreanor x3, Charlie Gault x2, Ben Wells, Elias O’Neill
Under 14 Preds 2-1 Ballyvea – Michael Robinson, Klaudiusz Suchonski
Under 13 Preds 2-2 St Marys YC – Alexander Wilson, Jamie Russell

Friday 10th September
Under 17s P-P Banbridge Rangers Swifts
Under 15s 6-3 Riverdale – Noah Davison x2, Adam McCann-Gibbs, Alex Dillon, Kamil Krol, Charlie Gorman
Under 13s 9-1 Castlecaulfield – Lewis Goodbarn x2, Seth Martin x2, Alfie Given, Eve Adair, Joshua Quin, Isaac Balfour, Jayden Harker

Saturday 4th September
Firsts 3-1 Craigavon City – Andrew Heaney x2, Ashley Gregg
Reserves 0-2 Tandragee Rovers Res
Swifts 1-5 Seapatrick Res – Lewis McKinley
Under 19s 1-0 St Marys – Tom Leathem
Under 16s 7-1 Midway – Noah Gorman x3, Lorcan Doherty x2, Joey McDonald, Callum Uprichard
Under 15s 12-0 Portadown – Noah Davison x3, Adam McCann-Gibbs x2, Alex Dillon x2, Charlie Gorman, Kamil Krol, Oskar Dobrowolski, Eoin Thornbury, Reuben Johnson
Under 15 Preds 2-2 Markethill Swifts – Caleb King, Jamie Follis
Under 14s 5-1 Loughgall Youth – Rhys McCreanor x3, Charlie Gault, Corey Hylands
Under 14 Preds 10-0 Ballybot Celtic – David Lawson x2, Zac Lyness x2, Eddie Connelly x2, Michael Robinson, Klaudiusz Suchonski, Noah Binks
Under 13s 3-3 Banbridge Town Lions – Michael Emerson x2, Issac Bell
Under 13 Preds 1-4 Rathfriland – Alfie Overend

Friday 3rd September
Under 17s 1-1 Armagh City – Daniel Patterson

Wednesday 25th August
Reserves 1-0 St Mary’s Res – Alex Woods

Saturday 21st August
Firsts 7-1 AFC Craigavon – Ashley Gregg x2, Tiarnan Judge x2, Timmy Millen, Ziggy Gargasas, Luke Adams

Saturday 14th August
Firsts 1-3 PSNI – Ziggy Gargasas

Saturday 7th August
Firsts 4-1 Dromore Amateurs – Ashley Gregg, Henry Warren, Morgan Smyth, Andrew Heaney