Knowing Me, Knowing You – Ziggy Gargasas

Undoubtedly in the form of his life, the wing wizard names and shames in this episde of Knowing Me, Knowing You…

Name – Zygimantas Gargasas

Previous Clubs – Glenavon, Portadown and Craigavon City

Best Trainer – I’d have to say (Adam) Glenny, Gives 100% every training session and makes sure all the lads are putting it in as much as he is.

Worst Trainer – There is a few lads that fit into this category the likes of Jack McNally who struggles to find the pitch and Scott Wiltshire who loves sleeping past training 😂

Most Intelligent – Would have to say Henry Warren sometimes says words us foreigners haven’t heard of 😂

Least Intelligent – No doubt Matty Strain. No reason needed

Funniest at Club – Gary Miller you’d think he’s lived for over 100 years because the amount of funny story’s he has to tell. The man never stops he’s like a radio station 😂

Biggest Gurn – Jack McNally I’ve never seen him happy on the training ground unless we are hitting free kicks or corners. Ashley Greg is the worst as soon as there is running involved, his bottom lip drops 😂

Best Dress Sense – I’d have to say JLS for this they all have the same sort of dress sense but Marcus (Smylie) would be top of that list just because of the shoes he has

Worst Dress Sense – Dicko would be top of this list, Chinos are out dated.

Who Fancies Himself – Graham Bunting. This guy brought straighteners to a club night out to fix his hair 😂

Apple of the Managers Eye – I think Henry Capper I’ve never heard Dicko shout at him yet

Sent to Test the Manager – Definitely has to be Curty (McDonald). Every time he opens his mouth you can see Dicko turning red and ready to explode 😂

Managers Favourite Saying – “Game management lads!”

Favourite Ground – Have to say the Arena

Least Favourite Ground – AFC Craigavon you have to warm up in a farmers field

Biggest Story Teller – Again Garry Miller the man is a radio station

Celebrity 4 Ball, Past or Present – Ronaldinho, The Rock, Suarez so I can ask him if Gary Millar is telling the truth and Will Smith

Favourite Song – I’d have to say Endor – Pump it up, gets all the lads bouncing on match day even Henry Capper

Favourite Meal – The Chinese I had yesterday, Fried rice, chilly chips, chilly chicken, fat tub of curry and prawn crackers

Pre Match Superstition – 2 cups of coffee one as soon as I wake up and then one just before leaving to meet at the club house

Best Moment Since Signing for Club – Would have to say when the St Mary’s goalkeeper punched me then went and scored a 30 yard screamer against him😁