Knowing Me, Knowing You – Steven Beattie

Former Reserve manager and now First Team goalkeeper coach, Steve Beattie lifts the lid on his teammates:

Name – Steven Beattie

Previous Clubs – Lurgan Institute

Best Trainer – Glenny (Adam), first there every night, great attitude toward the sessions and sets a brilliant example for the younger lads.

Worst Trainer – It would be wrong if I didn’t say the Wednesday night booze crew, (Tyler) Boyce and (Adam) Craig.

Most Intelligent – Matt Hollis, if you can stay awake long enough during a conversation with him you’ll probably learn something

Least Intelligent – Ashley Gregg, could write a book on stuff he’s done the header

Funniest at Club – Gary Millar, hasn’t been here long but he’s some laugh.

Biggest Gurn – Adil (Falia), good lad but always has something to moan about

Best Dress Sense – The gaffer, Dicko

Worst Dress Sense – Marcus Smylie, although the answer could be down to my age and he may have the best dress sense.

Who Fancies Himself(Adam) Scorah, that lad isn’t short of self belief

Apple of the Managers Eye – Couldn’t possibly say, wouldn’t want big Joel (Adams) getting any grief from the lads.

Sent to Test the Manager – Most of the lads have tested his patience at some point, Ashley Gregg more than most.

Managers Favourite Saying – couldn’t possibly repeat this for the website

Favourite Ground – The Arena

Least Favourite Ground – Seagoe

Biggest Story Teller – Again Gary Millar

Celebrity 4 Ball, Past or Present – Valentino Rossi, Ally McCoist, Walter Smith & Gazza

Favourite Song – Penny Arcade

Favourite Meal – Chilli beef penne pasta, skinny fries and a portion of pepper sauce, from the Ramore wine bar

Pre Match Superstition – Have to be early to the club and out setting warmup out, if I’m held back or running late it messes me up, I go in to the game tense.

Best Moment Since Signing for Club – Winning the couple of leagues as reserve manager with Shill and getting the opportunity to coach at first team level for the club.