Knowing Me, Knowing You – Marcus Smiley

Its Smiley, not Smylie ok??????

Name – Marcus SMILEY

Previous Clubs – Lisburn Youth, Portadown FC

Best Trainer – Glenny (Adam) and Davy Trainor, they show up all the lads during preseason and they like to lose the head in the training matches, pure passion💪🏼

Worst Trainer – So many guys to pick from but Jack McNally and Scott Wiltshire always either late or fall asleep to miss the training. Coincidentally Adil Faila always seems to work late on training nights even when his mechanics lights have been long turned off! Caught out a few times 😆

Most Intelligent – Henry Warren first but will have to give Hollis (Matt) a mention since he always wins the quiz

Least Intelligent – I don’t know who’s worse Matty strain or Adil both have so many screws loose 😂

Funniest at Club – Has to be Gary Miller, although goes quiet in the groupchat during the weekend whenever he’s having a drink (his woman must take charge) 😉

Biggest Gurn – Goose (Ashley Gregg) by a mile. The mans never happy, especially when running is involved in training. Jack McNally loves a gurn aswell, makes me keep my level in the car to make sure the pool table is level, always his excuse if he’s beat! 😉

Best Dress Sense – Would have to say myself since I’ve been already nominated 4 times, although the rest of JLS and Henry Warren have great style too😎

Worst Dress Sense – A few moments come to mind. Judgey (Tiernan) going to cellar in the vest (loves an excuse to get the armpits out) and Dicko this time last year, wearing the SnapBack backwards with the fringe sticking out, shorts and skin tight t-shirt on. Also Dicko going to coach dressed as a reindeer has to be up there as well!😳😳

Who Fancies Himself – Bunty (Graham) is by far the worst for it. Bringing straighteners to the clubhouse as he tries to salvage the last of his hairline. Scott Wiltshire isn’t far behind with the constant sunbeds and getting his woman to wax him all over weekly🤪

Apple of the Managers Eye – I think Capper (Henry) and big Skip (Joel Adams) can never go too far wrong

Sent to Test the Manager – Again has to be Goose (Ashley Gregg) every week you’d hear Dicko shouting on the pitch ‘you’ve 5 mins to start running or you’re off, you haven’t left the centre circle’ … then hear it even louder as the match goes on😂

Managers Favourite Saying – ‘I’m living rent free in your head’

Favourite Ground – Crewe Utd purely because their new bar is like a nightclub

Least Favourite Ground – Seagoe or AFC Craigavon hard to tell which is the bigger hole

Biggest Story Teller – Again Gary Miller, apparently taught Suarez all his tricks 🤣

Celebrity 4 Ball, Past or Present – Cristiano Ronaldo, Roy Keane, Margot Robbie and Steven Gerrard, just so I can watch him slip up one more time 😍

Favourite Song – My favourite genre of music doesn’t go down well with the lads, although in the playlist I made for the changing room Gerry Cinnamon always goes down well.

Favourite Meal – Easy this one, Chateaubriand steak from Hadskis cooked medium rare, with truffle & parmesan chips with peppered sauce. Of course a glass of rosé to wash it down👌🏼

Pre Match Superstition – Always have to sit in the same seats in the changing room before the match. To my left is Henry Warren and Scotty Wiltshire to my right.

Best Moment Since Signing for Club – Has to be my goal of the season last year (as voted by the lads.) 25/30 yards out straight into the top corner to save us a point. 😏Unbelievable. 👏