Coaches Profile – Zoe Davison

We are going for a coach in today’s getting to know you with the ladies section…

Coaches Name: Zoe Davison

Occupation: Student

Teams coached: Lurgan Town Ladies, Lurgan Town Girls Academy u11-u15 , UK International soccer u5-u19 and Craigavon City Girls U13.

Favourite Football Team: Liverpool

Favourite Footballer: Lucy Bronze

Pre Game Ritual: checking about 5 times to see if I have everything I need.

Who is always late: Megan

Quickest Player: Elisha

Most Skillful player: Elisha

Player Most likely to get sent off: Kerry

Hobbies other than Football: Gym

Biggest Fear: Heights

Best coaching memory: Spending the last year coaching in the USA

Aspirations for the season: Play the best we can and get results.

Favourite thing about coaching: Trying to get the best out of every player on the team and making sure they are enjoying it and probably just watching the games and seeing if what we have done at training is portrayed in how we play.