Knowing Me, Knowing You – Adil Falia

Goalkeeper turned striker Adil Falia is next on our list for the Knowing Me, Knowing You feature:

Name – Adil Faila

Previous Clubs – Glenavon, Oxfors Sunnyside, Portadown

Best Trainer – Jordan Dawson, always gives 100% every training session and it shows going into Saturday’s game

Worst Trainer – There’s a few but would have to say the 2 keepers, too much partying during the week lol

Most Intelligent – Matthew Hollis/ Henry Warren

Least Intelligent – 100% Matty Strain. I would be typing all day if I said the amount of stuff he came out with

Funniest at Club – Gary Millar, never fails to make the bies laugh

Biggest Gurn – There’s a few but would say myself lol, always have something to moan about

Best Dress Sense – Marcus Smiley loves splashing the cash on clothes

Worst Dress Sense – Dicko (Lee Dickson) loves a good blue shirt and “brown chinos”on a night out

Who Fancies Himself – Bunty (Grahm Bunting) brings the straighteners in his back pocket everywhere he goes and spends more time looking in the mirror

Apple of the Managers Eye – Davy Trainor

Sent to Test the Manager – has to be Curty McDonald

Managers Favourite Saying – Matthew Hollis/Colm Nash after everything sentence say “so it is”

Favourite Ground – Tandragee

Least Favourite Ground – Coagh United

Biggest Story Teller – Gary Millar, endless amount of stories he has in his locker

Celebrity 4 Ball, Past or Present – Haven’t a clue

Favourite Song – Don’t have one, not fussy although every club night everyone loves a good few Gerry Cinnamon songs

Favourite Meal – Steak “medium rare” with fried egg, paprika coated sweet potato fries, tobacco onions, garlic butter mushrooms, peas and pepper sauce

Pre Match Superstition – Playing at home sit in the same place in changing room

Best Moment Since Signing for Club – There’s been a few but would have to say since joining the club I’ve met and played with the best bunch of lads