Player Profile – Megan McCabe

The start of the ladies season has been delayed, so we thought we would bring you a profile of the players so you can get to know them a little better.

Name: Megan McCabe

Position: Goalkeeper 🙌

Shirt Number: 1

Favourite Football Team: Celtic

Favourite Footballer: Hope Solo

Pre Game Meal: Chicken and chips 😂

Who Is Always Late: me lol

Quickest Player: Elisha Donnelly

Slowest Player: Claire Rooney (sorry mate 🙈)

Most Skilful Player: Amy McAllister

Changing Room DJ: KT (Kerry Taggart)

Player Most Likely To Get Sent Off: KT (Kerry Taggart) definitely 😂

Hobbies Other than Football? Gaelic

Biggest Fear: Heights, getting badly injured and not being able to play football

Best Football Memory: 2017 championship season with The Ports.