Knowing Me, Knowing You – Graham Bunting

Next up on our series of Knowing Me, Knowing You is left full back Graham Bunting…

Name – Graham Bunting (Bunty)

Previous Clubs – Rectory Rangers

Best Trainer – Hard to say cause I’m never there but when I am, Joel Adams and Adam Glenn both treat it like a Saturday and get frustrated when boys don’t put it in.

Worst Trainer – Think I would have to claim that one… only cause I’m always injured though 🙄

Most Intelligent – Matt Hollis, and he likes to show it.

Least Intelligent – Matty Strain without a doubt. Asked was he allowed to walk into a walk in fridge

Funniest at Club – Dicko (Lee Dickson), has everyone in stitches when he picks a target and just lets loose with the abuse.

Biggest Gurn – When fines are being chased, Scott Wilshire.

Best Dress Sense – Henry Warren always dresses to impress.

Worst Dress Sense – Scorah (Adam), anyone that wears Dr. Martens to a club night has to think about their life decisions.

Who Fancies Himself – Most would say me, but I think Hammy (David Hamilton) would spend longer looking at the mirror than I would.

Apple of the Managers Eye – Jordan Dawson, scores and creates goals, loves a good tackle and sells some cracking eggs can’t do any wrong haha

Sent to Test the Manager – Curty (Curtis McDonald) all day long

Managers Favourite Saying – ‘If yous dont want to put the effort in we’ll just go back to running, up the f**king tempo’

Favourite Ground – Crewe, clubhouse is like a nightclub

Least Favourite Ground – Tullyvallen, groundsman must bring the cows in from the field beside the pitch

Biggest Story Teller – Gary Miller, who hasn’t he played with?

Celebrity 4 Ball, Past or Present – Jamie Rednapp, Freddie Flintoff, Ernie Davis and George Best

Favourite Song – Bon Jovi – Livin’ on a Prayer

Favourite Meal – A wee butterfly chicken breast grilled, couple slices of bacon on top with melted cheese, side dish of mash and peppered sauce 😋

Pre Match Superstition – Wear ankle socks under the football socks, always start putting tape on at the front of my leg, wrap it round anti-clockwise and tear it at the back of my leg, socks pulled up full

Best Moment Since Signing for Club – Either scoring on my competitive debut for the club or winning the reserve division 1 by 11 points and being unbeaten at home.