Knowing Me, Knowing You – Adam Glenn

In our latest edition of Knowing Me, Knowing You we catch up with midfield dynamo Adam Glenn. Read on to find out who looks like they are about to drop a country album…

Name –  Adam Glenn

Previous Clubs –  Hill Street, Glenavon , Lurgan Institute

Best Trainer – Davy Trainor (shows the young lads up)

Worst Trainer – Jack McNally doesn’t know where training pitch is.

Most Intelligent – Henry Warren

Least Intelligent – Matty Strain is not very bright at all

Funniest at Club – Gary Millars scotch accent makes anything he says funny. Loves telling stories about all the celebrities he knows. Like Jay from the inbetweeners.

Biggest Gurn – Jack McNally in general but Ashley Gregg cries like a baby when he has to move at a speed above waking pace.

Best Dress Sense – Marcus Smiley loves an expensive purchase

Worst Dress Sense – Ashley Gregg rocks up like he’s releasing a country music album.

Who Fancies Himself – Graham Bunting doesn’t own a t-shirt

Apple of the Managers Eye  – Either of the Henry’s (Capper or Warren) or any new signing that joins the club – for a few weeks anyway.

Sent to Test the Manager – Ashley Gregg without a doubt. Could sit in silence and still annoy the gaffer. Curtis McDonald not far behind him though.

Managers Favourite Saying – “lads just go into this second half keep and wipe the floor with this s*#t their there for the taking” then we concede 20 seconds into the second half.

Favourite Ground – Tandragee or Dollingstown

Least Favourite Ground – Seagoe

Biggest Story Teller – Gary Millar again just loves telling you about how Luis Suarez is his BMF.

Celebrity 4 Ball, Past or Present – Thierry Henry, Kevin bridges, Kevin Hart, Margot Robbie

Favourite Song – Eminem Til I collapse

Favourite Meal – fillet steak (rare) homemade chips, onion rings, Diane sauce, sautéed mushrooms, and prawns on top of my steak. This would be followed by a massive slice of Cheesecake and a pint of anything alcoholic.

Pre Match Superstition – have to sit in same seat in changing room every game.

Best Moment Since Signing for Club – beating Coagh United at home when losing at half time. Destroyed them 2nd half and team was brilliant.