Brian Retires From Town

It’s safe to say he poured his life and soul in to the club, and after 30 years service, the last founding father is stepping down from active duty at Lurgan Town FC.

Following his time at Hill Street FC, another club that he founded, in 1988 the then 35 year old formed our club. His plan was simple – to give local lads the opportunity to play football, regardless of their background or ability.

Brian said: “Junior Mercer and myself set the club up because there was no youth teams in the Town. Players were having to go Lisburn and Belfast to get football. Both Junior and myself had sons who were looking to play so it made sense. The Craigavon League had been recently set up so we had somewhere to play. No one was turned away from either side of the community. It has always been our ethos to try and give young guys football”.

Brian and Junior surrounded themelsves with good men that would ensure the longterm safety of Lurgan Town. Back then we started with just 3 teams – U12, U14 and U16. It’s crazy to think the difference between then and now.

If you are new to the club, you probably know Brian as the guy that serves you your tea and coffee. But he has held other pivotal roles including chairman, fixture secretary, committee member and Arena committee member and team manager.

Current head coach Phil McKinley said: “The club’s motto is Heart on the Sleeve. Most would attribute it to a player giving everything on the pitch. However, Brian Gordon certainly had that in abundance in 30 years off the pitch. Brian covered many roles at the club and every single role was with dedication. He always wanted the best for the club even if that meant upsetting a few people along the way. There were times when I had to bite my tongue but I knew deep down of his love for the club. He will be a massive loss especially in his more recent role as that guy that stood cooking bacon and burgers on cold winter Saturday morning and other club events to bring in much needed funds. In my 23 years at Town we have worked closely and discussed numerous ways to improve the club. I personally want to thank Brian for his commitment to LTFC and wish him all the best in his retirement from club duties. I am sure he won’t be a stranger to a club that’s in his heart”.

To the outsiders looking in, you didn’t see the countless hours invested in the club. Attending meetings, washing kits, securing funding, working himself into the ground to make sure every player and coach was treated exactly the same. But we did. A man with great principles that were stuck to rigorously. Brian only wanted the best for his club.

Brian we want to thank you for everything you have done for us and for giving us the opportunity to play the game we love.

Brian was recognised for his work to the club by receiving the Mayoress’ Award in 2013, the Ivan Marshall Merit Award in 2014 and being inducted into the Lurgan Town Hall of Fame in 2013.