Joel Adams Intermediate Cup Preview

Tomorrow, Lurgan Town travel to Belfast to take on Queens University in the Quarter Finals of the Intermediate Cup. On the eve of arguably the club’s most high profile game, we caught up with First Team captain Joel Adams to get his thoughts on both the club and the game.
You joined us in the summer. How has life been for you so far at Lurgan Town? Since joining Lurgan Town everyone from the coaching staff to the players have been brilliant. When wanting to come back in to football the aim was to just enjoy it as much as possible and up until now I definitely have been, with the aim to continue doing so.
How does it feel being captain of the club going into one of the biggest games in the club’s history? It feels amazing to represent the club at this level of competition against a strong side like Queens University. Knowing we have never been this far, everyone at the club is on a high and can’t wait for Saturday.
Queens are flying high in Championship 2. What’s your thoughts on the opponents? We have proven from the start of the season that we are more than capable of competing and getting results with clubs in higher leagues than ourselves. The boys are fit and will be ready to go.
What about a score prediction? 1-0 Lurgan Town