All Talk. No Action

The U17s were on cup duty yesterday with a home tie against Tandragee Rovers. A great day to play football but unfortunately, after all the bravado talk in the changing room, the squad forgot how to play football. The boys thought by just turning up that they would win, but Tandragee had other ideas.

Lurgan were slow, no communication, No heart, no commitment, negative body language, Tandragee were the complete opposite quick, hungry, tackled hard, won the ball worked as a team and needless to say took there opening goal well.

Lurgan started with a back 3 and it was apparent very quickly that it wasn’t going to work. The system changed to match Tandragee’s 442 but still looked as though Tandragee had extra players. 1 nil down at half time not a insurmountable scoreline to get back and the system was changed to bolster our midfield.

Town started the second half a bit better but Tandragee scored a controversial second when the scorer who was offside when he received the ball to score wasn’t interfering with play according to the referee.

Defending corners, a problem all game, led to the third. Again not staying with the men they are supposed to mark and not clearing the ball when the opportunity presents itself.

3 nil down and guess what Lurgan decided to play football with 5 minutes left. On a rare attack and the only time they passed it quickly and decisively led to Denver being upended in the pelanty area and he scored from the spot.

Final score Lurgan Town 1 Tandragee 3.

Very very disappointing today on a lot of fronts and maybe it’s a lesson for the boys. If you don’t compete or work at anything you will end up more than likely having a miserable time of it. Today was hard for coaches as it looked as though the lads had never played football together.

On a more positive note when Denver and Simon came on they played well and made a huge difference.

MOTM Matthew Maye who maintained his high standards that he has shown throughout the season. Well done Matthew.