Race For The Golden Boot

received_1685404471472829The race for the golden boot award is now more than a month old and it is very close at the top of the table.

Spencer Young (pictured with his twin brother Travis) currently leads the way with 10 goals including an impressive 4 goals against TTBS Juniors and  Midway Utd in consecutive games.

He is chased closely by Kyle Cousins and Henry Capper both from the seniors on 9 and 8 goals respectively. Aaron winters (a previous winner of the award) is in a close 4th position on 6 goals.

The top 5 reads like this:

1st – Spencer Young – 10 Goals
2nd – Kyle Cousins – 9 Goals
3rd – Henry Capper – 8 Goals
4th – Aaron Winters – 6 Goals
5th = Andrew McIvor – 5 Goals
5th = Jamie Stringer – 5 Goals
5th = Shea Murphy – 5 Goals

To view the full list of goalscorers this year and keep up with their progress click the link.