Reserves Hit Seven

2nd team 1718

Town Reserves kicked off their league campaign against Seapatrick Reserves at Cheney Park on Saturday, and came away with a convincing victory.  Town gave senior debuts to Alex Woods from the U-19 squad and Jamie McNeil from the U-17 squad. There were also another 4 players from the U-19s, who had already enjoyed a good victory earlier in the day, that played a part in the game.  This was a young Lurgan Town team, and a great example of the talent coming through at the club.
Town started with a high tempo and the midfield trio of Trainor, McMahon and Bann didn’t give Seapatrick a chance to settle on the ball. This gave Towns strikers a platform to mount attacks, and Matt Irvine exploited that when he finished brilliantly to put his team ahead from a Woods pass inside 5 minutes.
The rest of the 1st half was the Jack Evans show. The young striker bagged his first ever hat trick with 3 superb finishes, linking up with Irvine and Woods to punish the Seapatrick defence. His first was a side foot finish at the near post, for the second he took a ball down in the box and turned to fire home, and the third was a vicious volley to all but seal the 3 points. Half time 0-4.
The second half started with the same tempo as the first, with the Town midfield winning the battle, and the back 4 of Scorah, McBride, Freeburn and Wing well organised and having a good game as a unit. Young McNeill came on for Evans at half time and showed no fear as he chased a ball over the top and finished beyond the keeper for his first senior goal.
The game got slightly scrappy after that as the tempo dropped, and Adam Craig made some brave saves at the feet of the Seapatrick striker, but the young keeper was unfortunate to be beaten by a defected strike that he almost clawed out to give the home team a consolation.
Conceding kicked Town back into life, and they responded with McNeill beating the fullback and pulling the ball back for McMahon to slot home under the keeper. Scoring was completed when Bann smashed home a great strike at the back post. Young Russell and McKinley also came on for their second appearances at senior level to complete a very successful day for the club.
Town: Craig, Scorah, McBride, Freeburn, Wing, McMahon, Trainor, Bann, Woods, Irvine, Evans.
Subs: McNeill (Evans), Russell (Scorah), McKinley (Woods)