Back Down With A Bump

New Badge LargeFriday night brought the Mid Ulster U17 lads back down to earth with a bump in a difficult game against Rathfriland. The boys held their own for the first 10 minutes but hesitancy from the defence allowed Rathfriland to score a preventable goal from a corner at the back post.  Again hesitancy from midfield when the ball was there to be cleared but wasn’t which led to a second.

A contentious third was soon to follow. The Town goalkeeper was booked for a challenge were he got to the ball first and cleared it, collided with the winger which resulted in a free kick just outside the box which Rathfriland scored from. A 4th followed just before half time.

Substantial changes were made at half time and the lads rallied only to be penalised from an offside not given and the Rathfriland player one on one with the keeper.  Eoghan managed to save the shot which hit into his midriff but was flattened by the oncoming player who rolled it into the empty net.  No foul. The sixth followed soon after.  Lurgan changed the formation and played three at the back and for the last 20 mutes bombarded the Rathfriland goal leading to one being slotted away by Jack Corrigan.  Final score 6-1.

Although it was a tough night some positives were still taken from the game.  Best for Lurgan were Gary Judt,  Bailey Finlay,  Matthew Maye and Joshua Pugh.  The boys were disappointed with their level of performance but that will be put right during training and the next match.