Missed Chances Cost Town

With a few weeks left of the league Town played two games to make up for missed weeks. A Semi Final on Wednesday and a league match on Saturday.
Town played Armagh City in the Semi Final of the knockout cup. Town were dominant in both halves but couldn’t put their chances away with Armagh getting three chances scoring all three and Town having triple the amount only scoring one. 

The final score 3-1 with Town devastated on how they were so dominant but did not win the game. 

In the same week Town played Enniskillen Athletic to make up for a few games in hand. Last time the two teams faced reach other Enniskillen were the victors of an 8-1 win. 

Town yet again were dominant the whole match having double the chances Enniskillen had but Enniskillen scoring most of their chances and Town failing to do so. The final score 4-3 to Enniskillen with Town yet again dominant