Barcelona Cup 2016 – Day 2 Round Up

The sightseeing was put to the side for the big kick off today when all 4 teams where in action in their respective groups. The scores in the group games:

2006 Group A
Lurgan Town Vapors 3-0 USC La Cadiere
Lurgan Town Vapors 4-0 RUS Beloeil
Lurgan Town Vapors 4-2 Currie Stars Boys Club A
Lurgan Town Vapors v Galaxy

2006 Group B
Lurgan Town Predators 4-1 Currie Star Boys Club B
Lurgan Town Predators 0-1 FC Leopold
Lurgan Town Predators 14-0 ES Viling
Lurgan Town Predators v Euro Plus Internacional

2004 Group C
Lurgan Town Predators 1-4 EuroPlus Internacional
Lurgan Town Predators 3-1 ASTS CYR
Lurgan Town Predators 1-2 Walshaw Sports Club

2004 Group D
Lurgan Town Vapors 2-2 Monifieth Athletic,
Lurgan Town Vapors 1-12 FCB Escola
Lurgan Town Vapors 1-2 Soccer Elite FA

Tomorrow the teams will move into the knockout stage of the competition. Check out the photos from the day below: